Business Success Tips: What is Success, Really?

There are few words that are more overused today than the word “Success”. It can denote many meanings, typically money, wealth, fast cars, status, fame, and power. But is it that cut and dry? Stay tuned, we are going to discuss business success tips: What is success Really?

What’s the actual definition of success?

It’s interesting to see how the word success is used as an action word much more than it was supposed to have been. Like a lot of buzzwords, the true meaning may have been hijacked by advertisers and marketers alike.
When you check a dictionary or google simply put, “success” really means being excellent in an activity, area, or task. You can see how this can potentially mean a lot of different things

Success is not just Tangible Goals

The main thing to remember is that “success” doesn’t have to mean nailing a project or making your first million. A lot of times, we might be successful at things without even realizing it!

What am I talking about?

Can you name some of your good qualities? If you have to think too much or are coming up blank, maybe you are a modest person. In fact, you could say that you are successful at being modest. Now that we’ve cleared the air, what else are you good at? Are you a good listener, patient, generous, kind?

These ingrained qualities may have come to us naturally. Others we possibly would have had to work hard at. In this way, we can give ourselves a little credit, and say we were successful at being patient, kind, etc.

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Anne frank: A success

I remember reading a book where the protagonist was saying that you have to be rich to be famous when one of his colleagues proved him wrong. He stated “Anne frank” as an answer to his question, as she wasn’t. Anne Frank is a well-known success story, often called a hero, in spite of persecution from the Jewish persecution.

Successful people are also failures!

There is no one who is good at everything. In our world today we tend to elevate celebrities as being without flaws, as superheroes. But there are so many stories about ultra-wealthy athletes who have made millions but are now bankrupt. It’s plain to see that even the successful don’t excel in every area of their life.

This isn’t meant to be discouraging. Rather it can be uplifting if you let it. How so? The point is to think, really think, about what you are good at, what comes naturally, and what you find enjoyable doing. If you make a move and find a job or career that has these 3 factors, your life can be quite amazing!

Success and choice

In our world today, people can sacrifice one area to use that area in another. It can be very challenging to be a super successful career person when trying to take care of family matters.
Sacrifice is commonly viewed in a negative light. But maybe sacrifice can simply mean being more selective. The bottom line is that if you don’t make choices for yourself and tour time, the choice will end up being made for you.

Business Success Tips: Know thyself

That is why it is super crucial to know what we want and go for it.
Our time on this earth is finite, and time is our most valuable asset. It’s a sure-fire path to depression and feeling like a failure if we are constantly doing meaningless or unenjoyable activities.

Can you change your path?

However, this doesn’t mean that your path and what you want can’t change or evolve. Part of the fun of a successful life is the journey that it takes to get there. As you are in control of your life, you can also change your mind when you need to. A lot of people continue on an outdated path because they are worried that others may judge them as being flaky, or inconsistent.

This perceived threat is at most times not worth it. People change and grow. They learn and uncover the goods and the bads in their personality. Think of yourself as the ultimate experimenter. Life can be a giant experiment if you have the courage to embrace that fact.

It has been said that being happy is simply always having something to look forward to. Have you ever enjoyed the anticipation of an upcoming event more than the actual event itself? This can happen when we go on holidays. It especially applies when we go to a crappy vacation spot!

So enjoy your journey and remember to take some time out to decide where you really want to go.

Thanks for reading!

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Written By Monty Salt

I love internet marketing, affiliate marketing, success principles and all things entrepreneurial!