Internet Entrepreneur- How to create Articles for profits!

The internet really is the information superhighway. Even with the millions of web pages and blogs, are there still opportunities for an internet entrepreneur to profit by creating articles aimed at their audience?

You bet! The internet is growing each and every year, and with it so does the demand for clear guidance and good information. Article creation is one way to reach your potential market.

Article creation for the Internet Entrepreneur

One of the most popular internet searches of all time is the term “free traffic”.

Although there are millions spent in online advertising, it’s always a good idea to try and get in on the action and divert this internet traffic your way.

That’s why it’s a great idea to devote some of your marketing time and money into creating good information pieces aimed at your target market. When you develop a great pattern of article creation and publication (to your blog or website) it can attract traffic for months.

For the Internet Entrepreneur: Article marketing

At its most basic, article marketing is the process of creating timely information that your target market wants to consume. Many times this can be in the form of answering questions. Another popular title includes “How to’s”. By creating these free articles that cover topics that your audience will value, you can create a lot of customers and fans for you and your business.

When you finish an article, you can then post the publication to your social media channels, or submit them to article directories.

Re-purposing content

As the internet progresses, the name of the marketing game seems to be taking one piece of content, like an article, and re-purposing it into other mediums. What does that mean?

Well, after you write an article, you can take the information and use powerpoint or another application to create a slideshow of the material. You can then submit the presentation to sites like This way you can get more hungry eyes directed to you as the solution.
Then when you have done that, its a great idea to turn the presentation into a video and submit it to youtube.

Youtube- A marketers dream

Youtube is one of the world’s largest search engines, so it’s a smart move to use it.

As starting your own channel is free, it’s a low risk way to test your marketing and content creation methods.

You don’t even have to be on camera if you don’t want to. You can take an online recorder and play the Powerpoint slideshow. You can narrate the information and create a short 1–5 minute video. Running a Youtube channel is similar to running a blog, so the learning curve isn’t that steep.

You can then break down the audio from your new video and make it an audio file, perhaps for podcasts or other audio only sites. See where the art of article creation can take you?

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Starting with the article creation

Ok, so we can see how multifaceted an article can be. So let’s start with the article.

An easy way to start writing your article and assembling research is with a simple Microsoft word document, or google documents.

A good rule of thumb for an article is about 500–800 words. Articles of this length seem to provide enough information and also are favourable to search engines that rank your site.

They are also not too long, so most people can read them in 10–15 minutes. These programs can easily provide a word count so you can tally your work.

Write about what you know

Its always a good idea to write about what you know. It pays to do some research on what your potential customers are searching for. You can search google for your topic and then read other articles on them. Don’t plagiarize! There are many anti-plagiarism programs out there, so don’t get caught with your hand in the cookie jar as it were. Feel free to model the other articles, but make sure that your content is original. The search engines always favour good original content over the stale, overused copycats. It is a good idea to read three similar articles on your subject and then try to model a bit from each of them.

PLR private label rights

If you suck at writing but aren’t bad at modifying , then consider buying PLR articles, which means private label rights. These are articles that you buy and can rework into your own. You should make sure that you modify them enough so that the search engines won’t flag you.

The plus side is that they are usually quite inexpensive to purchase.

You can submit your articles to online directories, but these sites change from year to year so it’s best to search “online article directories” to find current ones.

It’s also smart to include a biography box to learn readers know about you and your site. It’s smart to have a little teaser text about you as the author and what you are about.

Article writing and creation is a little like riding a bike. Keep on trying even though you might slam into the odd tree or two. (Or was that just me?)

The good news is that when you hit your groove, you can create a decent article in an hour or so. The act and creation are mostly free, so it’s your time you are investing. Also you can build you a decent amount of articles that you can publish throughout the year. This helps with the search engines and also new clients finding you.

The bad news is that some of your articles might bomb, and you may be slow at first in the creation of them. But really, this isn’t a big deal, as you won’t break the internet if you create an unpopular article!

Internet Entrepreneur: Go for it

Many find that it is efficient to devote a day a week, or even a few hours, to create a few articles in succession. In this way you can develop momentum and a groove and get a few done. There are so many topics to choose from and angles to take that the sky really is the limit! All the best!

Thanks for reading!

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Written by Monty Salt




I love internet marketing, affiliate marketing, success principles and all things entrepreneurial!

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Monty Salt

Monty Salt

I love internet marketing, affiliate marketing, success principles and all things entrepreneurial!

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